"I just wanted to offer my compliments for the meal we had at your lovely restaurant tonight. We eat with you as often as possible, and every time we go is better than the last! The food is always impeccable, the service is so warm and kind, and your outside terrace is beautiful. We really appreciate how accommodating you are (tonight allowing us to have my dog on the patio), and we always send people your way when they ask for a recommendation in the neighbourhood. Thanks again - we'll be back soon."


"Hello Maison India, thank you so very much for you're generous offer of food for my indian night. Altogether I raised $2,000 and half of that goes to an orphanage in India. Everyone was telling me how delicious the food was and I mentioned that you had donated food for this evening. I really wanted to give my deepest thanks to you! It was delicious and the night was a complete success with your help. THANK YOU!"


"The first time I ever ate at Maison India was this past April. Since then, Ive eaten in your restaurant twice more, and placed orders for a delivery three times. The food has always been perfect...the ingredients, the spice level, and the borfi too! Delicious! Thank you."


"I recently had lunch at Maison India and was amazed by the absolutely exquisite food. It was quite remarkable and just magnificent. Absolutely incredible."

Nic, Montreal

"If you live anywhere in Montreal and want to experience what food might be like without the trip to India, then go no further. We live 4 blocks from this restaurant and can go to many others (including Indian) and find ourselves eating at this restaurant ALL THE TIME. Why? Simple - they care and it shows in the service and dishes. Take the time to try different things, listen to recommendations and go often if you are lazy like us. It is an inexpensive and healthy way to eat out."

Adam, Montreal

"Amazing authentic food, Great decor, great service. The best I've eaten recently. The staff was quick and friendly and the location is nice."

Sanjeev, Toronto

"Food is the best.. I enjoyed a lot, Anyways back to La Maison. We'll be going back soon to have Onion Bhajee, an Indian treat that you rarely find on the menu of a typical Indian restaurant."

Fabio, Montreal

"As Australians and seasoned travellers we have been lovers of Indian food for many years. Now that we are living in Montreal we are "hooked" on La Maison India's delights. They continually achieve a consistency of taste sensation and visual presentation and we experience this in a variety of their dishes. It is always a memorable experience that we take away with us - until the next time, when it is just as good. Their chefs take particular care in the fine preparation of spices and condiments required in the dishes. For us, some of the best Indian food we have had around the world."

Anne & Rob, Montreal

"I ordered from your restaurant last night, and I want you to know that my wife and I were very impressed by your calibre of your food. I have rarely, if ever, eaten better Indian food in Montreal. The dishes were nuanced, and were very clearly the result of expert preparation with first class ingredients. I look forward to the next opportunity to order from your establishment.

Keep up the good work."